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The Standard Size and Height of Dining Table

(1) Height and size specifications of square dining table

The commonly used square dining tables are usually 76cm × 76cm square tables and 107cm × 76cm rectangular tables. The width of the 76cm dining table is a standard size, at least it should not be less than 70cm, otherwise family members may easily touch each other when the dining table is too narrow. The height of the general dining table is 71cm, the length and width of the two-person dining table is 70cm × 85cm, the length and width of the four-person dining table is 135cm × 85cm, and the length and width of the eight-person dining table is 225cm × 85cm.

(2) Height dimension specification of round dining table

Generally, the round dining table is divided into 8 categories. According to the standard size of the dining table, the diameters of these 8 types of dining tables are 50 cm for two people, 80 cm for three people, 90 cm for four people, 110 cm for five people, and 110-125 cm for six people. Eight people for 130cm, ten people for 150cm, twelve people for 180cm.


Post time: Apr-02-2022