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Hebei Haosi Furniture Sales Co., Ltd. is specialized in modern furniture (Plastic dining chairs, shell chairs, Arm chairs, fabric chairs, Rocking chairs, PU chairs, leather chairs, plastic chairs, dining table and table sets.) in Hebei Province, China.

Want To Buy A Chair, What Material Do You...

Chairs are mainly used for people to rest in the furniture of each family. There are many types of chairs on the market, and chairs of different materials are different in appearance and comfort. When choosing a chair, what material is better for a chair? What material is the chair made of? At pr...
Want To Buy A Chair, What Material Do You Recommend?

How to check the quality of stackable pp ...

After receiving the goods, please check whether the outer box of the plastic chair is complete. This plastic chair is 5 pieces per box. Disassembling the outer box tape, we can see 5pcs dining plastic chairs stacked together. There will be plastic buckles on the legs to prevent the chair feet fr...
How to check the quality of stackable pp plastic dining chairs?

Why Do You Need An Ergonomic Chair

1. Sitting and working for a long time. 2. Often feel cervical and lumbar pain. 3. Always feel uncomfortable and unnatural. If you hit one of these points, it is recommended that you quickly change to an ergonomic chair. The rich adjustability of the ergonomic chair allows you to comfortably main...
Why Do You Need An Ergonomic Chair

What Are The Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs...

Ergonomic Office Chairs 1. It can reduce head and eye fatigue and prevent myopia. 2. Relieve cervical spine strain and reduce the incidence of cervical spine. 3. Reduce most of the body weight carried by the lumbar vertebrae and reduce the probability of spondylopathy. 4. Guide the correct sittin...
What Are The Benefits Of Ergonomic Chairs On The Human Body

Tips For Working in The Office

●If sunlight causes reflections on your computer screen, you can close the curtains or adjust the position. ●Keep your body well hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration can cause physical discomfort, which in turn affects posture, and drinking plenty of water can prevent this from happening. And...
Tips For Working in The Office
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