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How To Choose The Furniture

Furniture is indispensable in our home life. With the improvement of people’s living standard and the change of ideology, people’s choice of furniture is more diverse and comprehensive, from function to beauty, to environmental protection and so on. Here are some basic principles for selecting fixtures for your reference.

(1) Reasonable budget and strict control

Generally speaking, the proportion of home decoration funds is hard decoration and soft decoration accounting for half, that is, the hard decoration of 50000 yuan matches the soft decoration of 50000 yuan, and the proportion of soft decoration funds is mainly distributed in the bright room. The soft decoration here is a big concept, including furniture, bedding, curtains, lamps, carpets, kitchen utensils, etc.

(2) Consistent with decoration style

According to the corresponding decoration style, choose the matching furniture, and interpret the charm of home with the collocation of space and style.

(3) Do your homework in advance

Before purchasing furniture, measure the space size (length, width and height) of the room in advance, and then design the overall layout of the room and the required furniture varieties, functions, styles, colors and quantities, so that the purchase will be targeted and time-saving.

(4) Pay attention to spatial scale and scale

The flat and vertical dimensions of furniture should be consistent with the area and height of the room, so as to avoid that the purchased furniture can not be put down, or destroy the plane layout that has been conceived.

Furniture can be smoothly moved into the door, the key is that the longest space diagonal of furniture should not be greater than the maximum diagonal at the corner of passageway or stairs.

(5) Overall control and matching selection

Home needs to configure a variety of furniture, including dining table, dining chair, sofa, tea table, etc. It is necessary to know the color, style and specification of single piece furniture in advance, so as to avoid the difficulty of matching in the future.

(6) Combination of practicality and beauty

We should pay attention to the practicality of furniture, avoid being flashy but not practical, only focusing on style. “Modern” furniture style is easy to be out of date. On the contrary, the cultural appeal of traditional furniture is enduring and has the value preservation.

(7) Reasonable choice of color

Light color furniture is suitable for small rooms or rooms with poor lighting conditions in the north. Dark color furniture can be selected for rooms with better lighting to show a simple and elegant atmosphere.

In a word, the furniture selection should be careful, the choice of satisfaction, in order to live in peace of mind~

Post time: Mar-10-2022