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Why Is The Metal Imitation Wooden Chair The Mainstream Of The Banquet Chair?

Imitation wood metal chair has become the mainstream of hotel places. Compared with cost, metal is cheaper than solid wood, and solid wood chair does not have to worry about the quality of the chair. Metal is far more durable than solid wood. Secondly, the cost of eliminating a batch of metal chairs is very high. Low is also very good to deal with, but the middle and low-end solid wood chair is difficult to handle, and it has become a pity for food to be tasteless. There are many places where there are not many chairs, but there will be one or more gatherings every year, so many times the chairs will be sealed. If it is a solid wood chair, it is too wasteful, and the metal chair is completely unnecessary. This is also a special place to choose. The reason for the metal chair.

Metallic plasticity is also very strong, and many of the woods needed are concerned with materials and transportation, but metal can shape any style you want, no need to worry about materials, and low cost in secondary processing. . The metal chair will also increase the comfort while considering the wood. The most exposed exterior of the solid wood chair will also have a good touch, but the metal will not work, so it will make a comfortable sponge on the outside to meet the market and Customer demand.

For the chair, the feelings of the Chinese people are very deep. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the chairs were not popular, and the social culture was dominated by squatting. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the love of solid wood furniture reached the peak, and the precious woods such as huanghuali, nanmu, and red sandalwood were deeply loved by people. Nowadays, these woods are very collectible, but today’s society has no more due to deforestation. At that time, the resources were abundant. If you wanted to have this material, then the price would go up.

At present, the hotel banquet venues, due to the relatively high-end luxury decoration, also need some grades of solid wood chairs to add brilliance, but not everyone can buy, and the wood craft is more complicated, so there is an urgent need for a chair that can replace the wooden chair To meet the needs of the market.

Of course, metal chairs are also difficult to have the characteristics of solid wood chairs. Whether it is collection or touch, it is difficult to reach the height of metal. If you want quality life, of course, you recommend solid wood chair, if you need a good price, or can use In the public, what is the reason to reject the metal chair?


Post time: Jun-08-2022