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Why Is Nordic Furniture So Popular in The Market?

The gap between the rich and the poor in the Nordic countries is small. The middle class is a common consumer group in society. In addition, the social welfare system is perfect.

The way of life reflects the state of peace and abundance and the popular aesthetic tendency.

Since the reform and opening up, China’s social economy has developed rapidly, especially in recent years, the market consumption capacity has been continuously enhanced, and the consumption concept has also been improved

In constant change, consumers are looking for a home experience that can better meet their affluent living conditions. Nordic furniture is in line with contemporary Chinese consumer

Consumers demand the furniture style, while the simple and natural style advocated by Nordic furniture is similar to the mainstream values of social development.

There is no doubt about its popularity in the market.

When buying furniture, the older generation of consumers pay more attention to quality and practicality. The new generation of consumers are more diversified and many consumers

They put forward more practical requirements for the comfort and living experience of furniture. The requirements for furniture are also to turn complexity into simplicity and pursue more simplicity and harmony

Comfortable style, while the Nordic furniture style meets the needs of consumers.

Interpret the essence of furniture style with simple and modern design

People who have seen Nordic furniture are unconsciously attracted by the sense of design it contains. Modern Nordic furniture mainly has three schools,Swedish design, Finnish design and Danish Modern Design.

The main characteristics of Swedish style are elegance and modesty. It does not emphasize personality very much, but pays more attention to popularization with high craftsmanship and marketability

Research and development of furniture. IKEA comes from Sweden. Its global hot sales are the recognition of Swedish style furniture in the market.

Post time: Feb-22-2022