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Tolix Chair(Marais A Side Chair)1934 In France

Designer: Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948)

Xavier Paochard was born in Burgundy, the wine capital of France, and is known as the pioneer of French galvanizing.

In 1907, he discovered the technology to prevent metal corrosion and rust, and then began to study the galvanizing process to protect metal products from oxidation. After the end of the First World War, he founded the Autun workshop, specializing in the manufacture of household items for the production of galvanized sheet metal. By 1927, he had established a company specializing in steel furniture and registered Tolix as a trademark. Since then, Tolix has become widely known around the world through metal furniture such as armchairs and stools, and the most famous “Chaise A” has even become the iconic design of Parisian cafes.

Chaise A Metal Chair Design Features:

This chair was born in 1934 and was originally designed for outdoor furniture.The product has a French casual elegance.It has a classic shape, sturdy construction, and a silhouette that blends well into your home or bar.In recent years, it has gradually been used by designers for home furnishing, and thus a new form has emerged.

Metal chairs have a variety of shapes and designs to choose from, whether it is a backrest design, a single stool shape, a Ming Dynasty-proof style, or a wooden seat cushion. And the uniqueness of metal chairs also has a good performance in all kinds of spaces, especially for the mix and match in the space.

Tolix’s application pictures on multiple occasions:

Tolix’s design is not only in the matching of scenes, but also reflects the versatility of products.

The versatility of this product is also reflected in the diversity of colors. A variety of color matching gives people more choices and brings more visual enjoyment!

Just the color change is not enough for its title of all-match chair. We have brought more changes and creativity in the form. We are able to offer many versions of the Tolix chair:


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