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The World’s First Mass-produced Pillar-shaped Single Chair —–Tulip Chair

Have you noticed that there are countless chair legs and table legs under the dining table in most home dining room? On the one hand, this will make our dining area look cluttered.On the other hand, the movement space of seater’ feet is very limited, especially for people in European and American countries.

In fact, as early as 1940, Finnish designer Eero Saarinen vowed to eliminate the “leg ghetto” found under four-legged chairs and tables. Finally, with his continuous efforts, he developed and designed the tulip armrests on the market today. This design not only simplifies the visual clutter in the space, but also injects an elegant atmosphere into the overall space with a combination of modernity and artistry. The chair body and chair legs without too much embellishment can also be easily combined with other furniture in the home.

In addition, the Tulip Chair is also available in an armless version – the Tulip Armless Chair. The advantage of armless is that it is easier and more efficient, sitting and getting up is more free, postures are more diverse, and there is no sense of separation between adjacent seats.

A stool from the Tulip Stool collection, the swivel base makes it easy for the occupant to take one shoe to find another.

When Eero Saarinen designed the tulip chair, he hoped to achieve a visual aesthetic effect through a shape similar to a wine glass. Later, Eero Saarinen designed a dining table with tulip chairs, which has become a timeless classic combination in home design.

Modern Chair

With the rising sea freight, considering the number of containers and the sea freight cost by a single chair, people have changed the legs of the tulip chair. There are solid wood legs and Eames legs and etc, but the tulip dining table has always been It is a hot-selling style in the market, only the material and surface color have been adjusted according to the needs of customers in different markets.

Post time: Apr-18-2022