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How To Choose A Dining Table Chair?

1, try to sit

In fact, when buying a table, it is necessary to choose a good one. Generally speaking, the standard height of the table in the market is about 75 cm. This is also the appropriate height of the table, and the dining chair is generally 45 cm, but now the meal on the market. There is some difference in the height of the seat, so when the landlord is picking, it is best to try to sit and see if his height is suitable for the height of the table.

2, should not be too high and too short

When choosing a table, the height difference of the dining table chair should be between 28-30 cm. If the table is too short or the chair is too high, it will affect the human spine and lumbar vertebrae, especially for children. influential.

3. How to choose different styles

According to the standard, the standard height of the dining table is between 750 and 790 mm, while the height of the dining chair is between 450 and 500 mm. The shape of the domestic table is mainly square table and round table. In recent years, the oval table has become more and more popular.

Square dining table size: The size of the square dining table varies according to the number of seats. The size of the two-person dining table is 700*850 mm (length*width), and the size of the four-person dining table is 1350*850 mm. The size is 2250*850 mm.

4, the reasonable height of the table

A suitable table height is good for those who need to lose weight to achieve weight loss plan, because eating too fast will make weight gain, this is scientifically confirmed by scientists, if the table height is appropriate, with a dining chair Harmony, when people sit up, it is very natural, so it is also full of the speed of enjoying food.


Post time: Jun-10-2022