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Do You Really Know EAMES CHAIRS ?

The Eames Plastic Chair was born in 1950 and was designed by the famous American designers: the Eames couple, and is currently produced by two brands, Herman Miller and vitra.

Mr. And Mrs. Eames. At first, the Eames couple designed 4 versions of the dining chair at once. Eames plastic side chair DSW/Eames plastic armchair DAW/ Eames plastic side chair DSR/ Eames plastic armchair DAR

Among them, the wooden leg version is the most common.

Eames wood legs version

The Eiffel Tower leg version is the most artistic. In the Danish Museum of Art and Design (only one chair is displayed in the same series), it is the Eiffel Tower leg on display. Inspired by the landmark “Eiffel Tower” in Paris, the complex shapes made of steel wire show endless lightness and elegance. This is the chair with the most simple seat and the most intricate legs of all the Eames’ works.

Eames Eiffel Tower leg version

Today’s innovative technology has finally made the entire series of Eames Plastic Chairs re-manufactured again, using environmentally friendly and recyclable polypropylene material to make the beautifully contoured seat shell, which is not only lighter in weight, but also has better heat resistance and chemical resistance.

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Post time: Apr-13-2022