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Casual Dining Room Furniture Will Meet The New Trends In 2022

Families even became the focus of life during the epidemic, with most people spending more time at home than ever before.The epidemic is showing some signs of easing, yet demand for casual furniture does not seem to be slowing down with it.Casual dining room furniture becomes more popular in the coming 2022.

This change is not only a factor due to the epidemic, but also a generational change in consumers, as well as changes in entertainment and lifestyles due to technological developments. This article will show you how new trends will impact the furniture industry from a casual dining room furniture perspective.

From Clothing To Furniture, We All Desire Comfort

There are still a lot of Americans who work at home, and that’s unlikely to change,” says Cindy Hall, sales VP at Sherrill Furniture. The dining rooms often double as offices during the day and are used for dinner in the evening, sometimes even switching back to office after dinner.From casual clothing to casual furniture, we all crave comfort. We just want to be more relaxed because the environment is not stable and home is a haven for all of us.”

Try New Styles with Less Money

Najarian Furniture, which supplies dining room furniture and freestanding dining tables, chairs, utensils, bar tables and stools, also predicted a strong performance in this category.

Michael Lawrence, VP of the company, said, “Consumers are still looking for affordable merchandise to update their dining rooms, and they want stylish products while being less expensive. The outlook for this category is just right.”

The Battle Between Casual And Formal

Gat Creek primarily supplies dining room furniture that offers an upper-middle price point.The company president Gat Caperton says business and demand remain high, but he has a different opinion on the balance between casual and formal dining.

“Casual dining room furniture continues to be strong after the COVID-19 epidemic, and it is continuing to steal market share from formal dining room furniture.” Caperton said, “New housing rates also remain strong. There is a lot of formal dining room furniture now, but there is little growth. However, casual dining room furniture will exceed formal one in terms of market share.”

He believes casual dining will perform well on its way in the future, and a large part of that will be driven by demand for upgrades to old furniture. “More and more people are choosing to eat in the area between the refrigerator and the TV rather than in the rectangular dining room next to it. Old furniture doesn’t fit it.”

Lifestyle Diversity

Household supplier Parker House says the surge of open layout home designs and home renovations is the reason for the category’s increase.

Marietta Willey, the company’s vice president for product development and sales, says: “Family members are returning to the era of dining together, and the need for flexible, comfortable dining furniture is re-emerging. This lifestyle continues to be driven by the popularity of modern farmhouse aesthetics and the DIY home trends.”

Post time: Apr-13-2022