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A Standard For A Good Office Chair

A good office chair should meet the following criteria:

1. Must have a height-adjustable device and a flexible 360-degree arbitrary rotation basic function.

2. The depth and width of the seat should be correct. The front edge of the chair should be kept circular and the fiber cloth surface with good air permeability should be selected.

3. Backrest with support for the body and elimination of fatigue.

4. With the curve design of the human waist size, to prevent the waist spine from arching, to achieve the function of protecting the lumbar spine.

5. The chair must be moved with the body, not limited to the user, only a sitting position.

6. Select a five-pronged foot with a large bottom area and high safety.

7. The chair must be able to move freely. It is best to use a chair with wheels, and the wheels are made of different materials depending on the softness and hardness of the floor.

8. The chair must not have a bad design that hooks the clothes or obstructs the work. If a chair with armrests is used, the material with good surface feel should be used.

9. All adjustment devices should be simple and easy to operate.

10. It should be designed to add accessories such as handrails at any time.

11. Choose a chair that is suitable for the user to use, with product warranty and perfect after-sales service.

12. Has a beautiful appearance and appropriate color matching.

Post time: Mar-14-2022